Introducing SignalScan™ - Meet the Magic Behind Skyroam Hotspots

Posted by Dani Platz on Oct 27, 2020 10:50:48 PM

Everybody loves options. Options allow us to find the best opportunities available! When traffic is bad, we can adjust our driving route to find a better way to get to our destination. When hunger strikes, we don't have to settle for one restaurant, we can choose the best option available based on our location and preferences. Skyroam hotspots were designed with this in mind and that is what makes them so unique - enter SignalScan™.


SignalScan allows Skyroam hotspots to find you the best local connection in your area based on the multiple carriers available on the Skyroam network. If you are not satisfied with the data signal you receive, no problem, just initiate the new  SignalScan™ feature through the Solis WiFi App to reset your data signal on your own accord and always have the best quality WiFi connection no matter where you roam! 

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